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Ootoya America


Fresh vegetables are all hand-washed and peeled each day. For meat and fish, we have our own handling procedures to keep the freshness. Because of this thorough preparation and our policy to only start cooking dishes after we receive the order, we are able to guarantee the quality and freshness of each dish.


The fermentation of food creates additional flavors, and it has the effect of raising the nutritious value of the food. Fermented soybean and rice products such as soy sauce, miso (bean paste), sake (rice wine), natto (fermented soybeans), and shio koji (traditional condiment made of rice malt, salt, and water) are highly valued in Japanese food.

Serving Dishes

The quality of food is our primary focus, but we also take the serving pieces as serious. We are very particular about the materials used. We carefully select lacquer ware and ceramics that can emphasize the colors of the food and also help our customers to improve their dining experiences with variety of textures.


Our teishoku are made up of a variety of dishes, consisting of meat or fish, rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. While teishoku is very common and popular in Japan, it is still new and unique in New York, as it has not been widely introduced yet.


Soba is a buckwheat noodle made from the kernel of the buckwheat grain. At OOTOYA, we offer soba in our teishokumenu. The buckwheat flour is carefully selected from Kuromatsu-cho in Hokkaido, and the noodles are hand-made every morning to ensure that customers can enjoy the truly fresh taste of soba.


The interior, designed by Shigeki Yoshimoto is delivering a calm, family-like atmosphere; it also has a sophisticated atmosphere. The space is suitable for relaxing with some drinks with your dinner. A fine painting of a family's dining scene by Sayaka Maeda hangs in the reception area, reminiscing the good old traditional family dining.

Employee Training

In order to ensure that our customers fully enjoy their meals, not only we provide sincere services and a clean restaurant, but we also provide various employees programs to support community development. We continuously aim to create opportunities and seek to help develop our local communities.